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The Healing and Mystical Properties of Crystals and Gemstones

Crystal Healing

Gemstones have traditionally been believed to have certain mystical properties. More recently, crystals and minerals have been used for various healing and spiritual purposes. The following is a guide to the most commonly believed properties.

This gem relieves physical stress, calms the nerves and leads to increased self-confidence. It stimulates creativity by clearing the mind of negative thoughts. It is said to be good for joint problems and act as a tonic for the liver and kidneys.

Amethyst quietens the mind and leads to increased tranquility and harmony. It reduces self-destructive tendencies and promotes self-healing. Amethyst also confers wisdom and honesty on those who wear it.

Azurite helps you to let go of deep-rooted fears and enables you progress. It is useful for decision making and reduces anger. It is also said to facilitate spiritual development.

Blue Lace Agate
For peace and tranquility, said to relieve headaches

The stone of assertiveness and boldness, it gives you strength and helps focus your mind. Carnelian also protects the home fron harmful influences and negativity

A powerful stone which gives strength and improves willpower. Useful for harmonizing the body and spirit. A very grounding stone which reduces stress and is said to help insomnia

Leopard Skin Agate
Helps you to focus on your inner voice. This stone reduces insecurities and calm the emotions.

Heals the emotions, increases the powers of intuition and increases the ability to access the subconscious

Moss Agate
Helps regain lost self-esteem

A very positive, passionate and energetic stone. Helps with self-expression and therefore with creativity. Useful in overcoming feelings of shame or guilt.

Rose Quartz
A stone of tranquility and peacefulness. This stone has a calming and healing influence

Snowflake Obsidian
A protective stone which is said to absorb negative energy

Tiger's Eye
This stone gives courage, drive and ambition. It also clears the mind and increases the ability to focus.

Increases self-awareness

This article is for information only and we do not make any claims as to their medical properties