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Gemstone Bead Mix - approx 50g


Your selection may include the following beads:

lapis, malachite, rhodonite, garnet, citrine, haematite, rose quartz, smokey quartz, african jade, turquoise, garnet, brown goldstone (glass), butter jade, lemon chrysophrase, red jasper, dyed blue agate, fluorite, rock crystal, sodalite, leopardskin agate, azurmalachite, dyed crackle quartz, aquamarine, aragonite, moonstone and possibly some more we've forgotten about.

The vast majority of this mix are round beads in a 6mm or 8mm size, but you may find the ocasional 4mm, 10mm or 14mm. You may also find a few oval or button beads.

Your bead mix will be chosen at random from the batch shown above and we cannot guarantee that you will receive all of the above stones