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Miyuki Colour Codes

Here is a list of the colour codes used in our Miyuki Delica beads. We don't stock all of these, but we've included as many as we can find for reference.

DB-0001 - Gunmetal

DB-0002 - Metallic Dark Blue Iris

DB-0003 - Metallic Forest Green

DB-0004 - Metallic Dark Plum

DB- 0005 - Metallic Variegated Blue Iris

DB-0006 - Gunmetal Iris

DB-0007 - Metallic Brown Iris

DB-0010 - Black Opaque

DB-0011 - Metallic Olive

DB-0012 - Metallic Dark Raspberry

DB-0021 - Nickel Plated

DB-0022 - Metallic Dark Bronze

DB-0022L - Metallic Light Bronze

DB-0023 - Metallic Gold Iris

DB-0024 - Metallic Olive Green Iris

DB-0025 - Metallic Blue Iris

DB-0026 - Metallic Steel Iris

DB-0027 - Metallic Dark Green Iris

DB-0029 - Metallic Purple/Gold Iris

DB-0031 - Gold 24KT Plated

DB-0033 - Gold 24KT Plated Lined Crystal

DB-0034 - Light Gold 24KT Plated

DB-0037 - Copper Lined Crystal

DB-0035 - Galvanised Silver

DB-0037 - Copper Lined Crystal

DB-0038 - Palladium Plated

DB-0040 - Copper Plated

DB-0041 - Silver Lined Crystal

DB- 0042 - Silver Lined Gold

DB-0043 - Silver Lined Flame Red

DB-0044 - Silver Lined Aquamarine

DB-0045 - Silver Lined Orange

DB-0046 - Silver Lined Green

DB-0048 - Silver Lined Grey

DB-0050 - Crystal Lustre

DB-0051 - Crystal AB

DB-0052 - Cream Lined Crystal AB

DB-0053 - Lemon Lined Crystal AB

DB-0054 - Dark Peach Lined Crystal AB

DB-0055 - Pink Lined Crystal AB a.k.a. Blush Lined Crystal AB

DB-0056 - Raspberry Lined Crystal AB

DB-0057 - Aquamarine Lined Crystal AB

DB-0059 - Amethyst Lined Crystal AB

DB-0061 - Wine Lined Light Topaz Lustre

DB-0062 Light Cranberry Lined Topaz Lustre

DB-0063 - Cobalt Lined Sapphire AB

DB-0064 - Taupe Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0065 - Topaz Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0066 - White Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0067 - Light Peach Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0068 - Peach Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0069 - Blush Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0070 - Coral Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0071 - Blush Lined Crystal AB a.k.a. Transparent Pink AB

DB-0072 - Orchid Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0073 - Magenta Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0074 - Fuschia Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0075 - Dark Coral Lined Crystal AB

DB-0076 - Light Blue Lined Crystal AB

DB-0077 - Blue Lined Crystal AB

DB-0078 - Aqua Mist Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0079 - Turquoise Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0080 - Pale Violet Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0081 - Dark Grey Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0082 - Pale Pink Lined Crystal AB

DB-0083 - Pale Aqua Lined Crystal AB

DB-0084 - Sea Foam Lined Crystal AB

DB-0085 - Blue Lined Aqua Lustre

DB-0086 - Navy Blue Lined Crystal AB

DB-0087 - Root Beer Lined Light Topaz AB

DB-0088 - Berry Lined Light Topaz AB

DB-0089 - Blue Lined Light Topaz AB

DB-0091 - Cranberry Lined Light Topaz AB

DB-0098 - Transparent Light Siam Lustre

DB-0099 - Transparent Light Topaz Lustre

DB-0100 - Transparent Light Topaz AB

DB-0101 - Transparent Glazed Lustre

DB-0102 - Transparent Light Brown Gold Lustre

DB-0103 - Transparent Gold Lustre AB

DB-0104 - Transparent Raspberry AB Gold Lustre

DB-0105 - Transparent Red Gold Lustre

DB-0107 - Transparent Grey AB Gold Lustre

DB-0108 - Transparent Amethyst Gold Lustre

DB-0109 - Transparent Glazed Lustre AB

DB-0110 - Transparent Light Aqua AB Glazed Lustre

DB-0111 - Transparent Light Blue AB Glazed Lustre

DB-0112 - Transparent Sea Foam Glazed Lustre

DB-0113 - Transparent Aqua Glazed Lustre

DB-0114 - Transparent Silver Grey Gold Lustre

DB-0115 - Transparent Light Topaz Gold Lustre

DB-0116 - Transparent Wine Gold Lustre

DB-0117 - Transparent Violet Blue Gold Lustre

DB-0118 - Transparent Saffron Gold Lustre

DB-0119 - Transparent Honey Gold Lustre

DB-0121 - Transparent Light Topaz Gold Lustre

DB-0120 - Dark Topaz Claret Gold Lustre

DB-0122 - Transparent Light Topaz AB Gold Lustre

DB-0123 - Transparent Smoke Light Topaz Gold Lustre

DB-0124 - Transparent Golden Olive Gold Lustre

DB-0125 - Transparent Emerald Gold Lustre

DB-0126 - Transparent Orange AB Gold Lustre

DB-0127 - Transparent Green AB Gold Lustre

DB-0128 - Transparent Cobalt Gold Lustre

DB-0129 - Transparent Mulberry AB Gold Lustre

DB-0131 - Opaque Dark Olive Gold Lustre

DB-0132 - Opaque Light Blue Gold Lustre

DB-0133 - Opaque Yellow Gold Lustre

DB-0134 - Opaque Light Blue AB Gold Lustre

DB-0135 - Opaque Cobalt Gold Lustre

DB-0141 - Transparent Crystal

DB-0144 - Silver Lined Dark Topaz

DB- 0145 - Silver Lined Yellow

DB-0146 - Silver Lined Smokey Amethyst

DB-0147 - Silver Lined Chartreuse

DB-0148 - Silver Lined Emerald

DB-0149 - Silver Lined Capri Blue

DB-0150 - Silver Lined Root Beer

DB-0151 - Transparent Orange AB

DB-0152 - Transparent Green AB

DB-0158 - Opaque Mauve AB a.k.a. Opaque Lilac AB

DB-0159 - Opaque Coral Red AB

DB-0160 - Opaque Yellow AB

DB-0161 - Opaque Orange AB

DB-0162 - Opaque Red AB

DB-0163 - Opaque Green AB

DB-0164 - Opaque Turquoise Blue AB

DB-0165 - Opaque Cobalt AB

DB-0166 - Opaque Turquoise Green AB

DB-0167 - Opaque Medium Blue AB a.k.a. Opaque Light Lapis Blue AB

DB-0168 - Opaque Grey AB

DB-0169 - Opaque Chartreuse AB

DB-0170 - Transparent Dark Topaz AB

DB-0171 - Transparent Yellow AB

DB-0172 - Transparent Red AB

DB-0174 - Transparent Chartreuse AB

DB-0175 - Transparent Emerald AB

DB-0176 - Transparent Aquamarine AB

DB-0177 - Transparent Capri Blue AB

DB-0178 - Transparent Cobalt AB

DB- 0179 - Transparent Grey AB

DB-0180 - Transparent Root Beer AB

DB-0181 - Copper Lined Transparent Light Bronze

DB-0182 - Copper Lined Transparent Jade Green

DB-0183 - Copper Lined Transparent Cobalt

DB-0184 - Copper Lined Transparent Grey Silver Lined Dark Bronze

DB-0191 - Copper Lined Opal

DB-0200 - Opaque Chalk White

DB-0202 - Opaque White AB a.k.a White Pearl

DB-0210 - Opaque Antique Rose Glazed Lustre

DB-0247 - Hot Pink Ceylon

DB-0251 - Opaque Smoke Grey Lustre

DB-0410 - Galvanised Yellow Gold

DB-0986 - Sparkling Lined Purple/Gold Iris

DB-1340 - Dyed Silver Lined Bright Fuschia