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Toho Beads UK | Round Seed Beads > Toho Round 6/0

Toho Beads UK | Round Seed Beads  > Toho Round 6/0

Toho seed beads are high quality Japanese beads, which are known for their consistency in size, shape and hole size. The name 'Toho" means Eastern treasure in Japanese. They have an excellent reputation and are renowned for their consistency. They give beautiful and reliable results and are particularly useful in bead weaving, loom work and bead stringing, where a precision finish is required. They have a larger than average hole size, which means that they weigh less than the average seed bead and the thread can be passed through multiple times.

They are available in a vast range of colours and finishes, these include rainbow, silver lined, opaque, metallic, inside colour, milky and frosted. We have created a list of Toho colour codes for reference.

These Toho 6/0 seed beads are 4mm in size, with a hole size of approximately 2mm.

Your beads will be packaged in a fully labelled and resealable plastic bag containing a full 10g of beads.The exact number of beads varies slightly with the colour and finish, but as a rough guide, you should receive approximately 170 beads in a packet.
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