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Toho Bugle Beads 3mm and 9mm | UK Bead Supplier > Toho Bugle 6mm

Toho Bugle Beads 3mm and 9mm | UK Bead Supplier  > Toho Bugle 6mm

Toho bugle beads are long cylindrical beads which are useful for bead weaving, embroidery and for making fringes and tassels. Unlike some cheaper bugle beads, they will not cut the thread.

Toho beads are high quality Japanese seed beads, they are preferable to some cheaper seed beads because of their uniformity of size and shape, they are also known for having slightly larger holes, which is useful for bead stringing. Toho 6mm bugle beads are sometimes known as size #2.

They will be supplied in a resealable plastic bag, containing a full 10g of beads.
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