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Toho Treasure beads in the UK > Toho 11/0 Treasure Beads

Toho Treasure beads in the UK  > Toho 11/0 Treasure Beads

Toho 11/0 Treasure beads are top quality glass cylinder beads, they are precision cut and are very consistent in size, shape and hole size, which makes them perfect when an even finish is required. They are commonly used for bead weaving and loom work, as well as being suitable for a variety of craft projects. They have a larger hole size than Miyuki Delica, which makes them lighter and also means that the thread can be passed through the bead more times.

Toho 11/0 Treasure beads are generally though of as the equivalent to Miyuki Delica 11/0, but it's probably inadvisable to mix them in the same project, to ensure consistency.

Size - 1.8mm

Quantity - 5g (approximately 975 beads)

They are available in a large range of colours and finishes - we have provided a list of Toho colour codes for reference.

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